Police Patrol

Officer DeemsThe Patrol Division of the Covington Police Department is responsible for answering calls for service within the city limits. Patrol officers of the division are the first to respond to all calls for services. Patrol officers are responsible for traffic enforcement, accident investigation, minor criminal investigations, business and residential security checks, assisting citizens and motorist and enforcing all local, and state laws.

The patrol division answers on average 8,000 calls for service each year, issues an average of 1,000 summons, makes 300 arrests, and works several hundred traffic accidents just to name a few of their duties in the community.

The patrol division consist of seven patrol officers and four sergeants. Bike patrol officers also perform normal vehicle patrol duties.

Each officer hired by the Covington Division of Police must go through and extensive hiring process that includes, a physical, written test, physical agility test and an interview panel. After being hired with the division, they must successfully complete the 18-week basic law enforcement class at the Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy in Salem, Virginia. Officers also must receive 40-hours of in-service training every two years to retain their law enforcement certification. Officers who have special certifications (i.e. Intoxilizer, Instructor, Defense tactics, etc. ) must maintain these certifications with regularly scheduled recertification classes

Firearms TrainingOfficers also must complete in-house departmental training that is offered throughout the year. These classes include, firearms training, vehicle stops, handling domestic violence calls, building searches along with a host of many other topics.

All patrol officers are trained to use traffic RADAR along with many others specialties such as traffic investigation. Patrol officers are encouraged to attend as many specialty schools as possible and to continue their college educations. 

Officer Frye/DARENormal patrol and traffic enforcement is perhaps on of the departments most visible tools. Its purpose is to provide safety of our citizens and guest to our community. Through consistent enforcement of traffic laws, thorough accident investigations, identification and elimination of traffic hazards and strict DUI enforcement, the division strives to keep our city streets safe.

Covington patrol officers strive to reach out to our community by means of personal contact with our vehicle and mountain bike patrols. Officers also are involved in crime prevention, the annual bike rodeo and departmental tours.  Community policing is a priority in the department. Officers feel that community involvement is a key component to the successful accomplishment of our mission.

The patrol division utilizes the Ford & Dodge patrol cars. It also utilizes the Berretta 92F 9mm pistol along with 12 gauge shotguns in each of its four patrol vehicles. Each officer must receive annual training and qualifications with the departments issued weapons.

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